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Stefan Wenger - Progressive Metal Guitarist


Stefan has been interested in music since childhood. When there was an open day at a music school, he was immediately enthusiastic about the guitar. This was followed by 3 years of lessons with the acoustic guitar, followed by another 3 years of alternating acoustic and electric guitar. Because he enjoyed the electric guitar much more, he took lessons with the electric guitar (rock music) for another 3 years.


After a few years his teacher taught him all his techniques, so they concentrated on songwriting. With the guitar teacher his first gigs followed, among others a performance at a street music festival.


With the help of various instructional videos Stefan taught himself the metal techniques afterwards. The first metal band followed, which allowed him to improve his playing. As lead guitarist he was able to use the techniques, scales and licks he learned.


At the same time Stefan started his solo career on Youtube. Stefan writes his own songs and films some of them in the nature of Switzerland. The genre ranges between Progressive Metal, Djent and Melodic Metal.
At the end of 2013 he released his debut song and since then new songs follow regularly. The songs are offered in different ways: On his website, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp & Co.


Due to lack of time and other interests, the band finally split up after many years.


Since then Stefan has been focusing on his solo career.

Stefan Wenger - Gravity

Stefan Wenger - Gravity



"His soundscape is a diverse and extensive arena of musical limitlessness that sends both the artist and his audiences on an insightful ride towards closure."

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"Stefan is creating a beautiful soundscape of instrumental progressions that compels his audience to go on a journey of dreamy, picturesque landscape."

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